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Forms and Spaces Italia

Mark Lyken and Moneyless collaborate in Italy

Recoat Gallery presents ‘Forms and Spaces Italia’, a collaborative project between Scotland’s Mark Lyken and Italy’s Moneyless.

This September Recoat brought together two leading artists from the Graffuturism movement, travelling with Lyken to Moneyless’ home-town of Lucca to create a collection of site specific installations over a period of seven days. Award-winning film-maker Emma Dove joined the team to document the project.


‘Forms and Spaces Italia’ shows a definite progression and development in their collaborative partnership. Their styles are highly complimentary, creating intertwined, dramatic pieces.

Forms and Spaces began in May 2012 with Moneyless visiting Scotland to work with Lyken in the creation of a series of temporary installations that re-valued abandoned spaces around Glasgow.  The works were intricate and vibrant, a beguiling mix of flat and 3D mark-making and interwoven styles.


Earlier this year, the pair were invited by The Legacy List to participate in the acclaimed Canals Project in London where they created a beautiful large scale mural. https://vimeo.com/67508295

To mark the occasion Moneyless and Lyken created a very special limited edition collaborative artwork. Firstly Lyken hand painted 12 individual pieces on paper that were then screen printed in two colours with Moneyless’ intricate circular designs by Ben Ashton (http://www.ashtonscreenprint.com/). The artwork sold out and all proceeds were used to fund the project.

Notes for Editors:

Title:  Forms and Spaces Italia

Project runs: 25th Sep to 2nd Oct 2013

Contact Information: Amy Whiten or Alistair Wyllie

Mob: 07968 252 454

Email: info@recoatdesign.com

Moneyless- https://www.moneyless.it

Moneyless lives and works in Lucca, Italy, producing work for exhibitions and creating murals and installations for projects and festivals worldwide. His work is born from traditional graffiti, but as his work evolved, he discarded letters, became obsessed with the simplicity and interactions of geometric shapes, his lines becoming so fine he switched from cans and rollers to brushes and home made etching tools to create ever more elaborate abstract works.

The works depict living matter reduced to its most basic level and their interactions and repitions.

In 2013 alone Moneyless has participated in exhibitions and projects in Berlin, Paris, LA, Portland and London. He is opening a solo show at 999 Contemporary Gallery in Rome this month.

Mark Lyken- http://lykenlove.com/

Working across diverse disciplines, Lyken creates paintings, murals, sculptures, installations, sound and musical works.

Influenced by cellular division and decay, his paintings toy with time and scale, worlds within worlds, chemical universes revealed at a microscopic level.

Lyken regularly collaborates with artists and specialists from different research fields. This year he has been focusing on “Mirror Lands”, a major collaborative film and exhibition for the Imagining Natural Scotland project supported by Creative Scotland.

Emma Dove- http://emmadovefilm.com/

Emma Dove is a freelance filmmaker, camera operator and editor. She is particularly interested in the narratives of life that go unnoticed in the general day to day, revealing the stories behind the seemingly banal. Emma is fascinated by place, identity, communication, expression, and the interplay between nature and culture.

Originally from the Black Isle, she studied Film & Media at the University of Stirling. Her graduation film, On Another Note, won Best Factual Programme at the Royal Television Society Scotland Student Awards and is currently showing at short film festivals and screenings internationally.

Recoat Gallery- http://recoatdesign.com/

Recoat (https://vimeo.com/69761437) was founded in 2007. It is an independent, commercial Gallery that exhibits Contemporary Urban Art including painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, film, sound, installation and photography. It is the only gallery of its kind in Scotland and has provided a productive platform and hub for Scottish artists as well as bringing inspirational artists to Scotland from five continents. Recoat has held over 60 exhibitions in its gallery plus 30 at satellite venues and has run numerous high profile mural projects including Rudimentary Perfection (http://vimeo.com/67732831) and Fool’s Gold (http://vimeo.com/13799343).