Soze paper 2014


Last Friday, Soze Gallery in Los Angeles debuted ìPaper Tellerî, new works by Italian street artist Moneyless (featured here). Moneyless is an artist who, as he describes it, ìspeaks through geometry.î His education in mathematics is a clear influence on his new work, but this is a twist on forms heís been observing for several years. The circle artworks are new, blending concepts of math and science with the colors of 1970s art. Until recently, Moneyless has been building installations made out of materials like ropes. He pointed out the subtle progression from creating shapes with†found objects, comparing the fibers of a rope to his compass-like drawings. His ìRopesî series emphasized the geometry in nature that we take for granted.
Here, with ìPaper Tellerî, Moneyless looks to man-made geometry and the beauty of typography for ideas. He has taken letters and abstracted them into natural forms. These complex drawings are the product of a simple stencil that Moneyless drafted himself and traced over and over. In doing so, the drawings come to life, suspended in constant motion. If we consider Newtonís law of physics that the universe is always moving, then itís possible to see how Moneyless draws the line between art and space.
ìPaper Tellerî by Moneyless at Soze Gallery is now on view until May 25, 2014.